How to get rewarded as a content creator

How to get rewarded as a content creator

Rewards for all 

We wanted to create a platform that was transparent around content campaigns and ROI. Our system ensures that people can get paid for the work they have supported with and in a place and time where by business cannot afford big budgets for paid campaigns.

If you would like to create content for a business and they can provide a contra experience we will pay you a % of commission too! 

Where to start

First sign up your details to Staycay and let us know you are a content creator for which areas and regions - we will actively look to partner you with amazing businesses that need some help. We will also provide you with a code that we can then track the commission payments which will be paid quarterly. 

Make it personal 

We want to inspire people to fall in love with their location and life their best lifestyle locally - YOU can help us to do this in a unique way that will resonate with others. We want you to be the best brand ambassadors and content creators for the region. Be transparent about the shared commission on your content.  

Follow brand guidelines 

If a brand has particular guidelines please help us help them. Make sure you have a paypal account. If you have any ideas about how we can support you please message us! 

You can submit your interest here