Staycation living your best life locally is here!

Staycation living your best life locally is here!

Welcome to the Staycay Life

Staycay is here, we are passionate about living our best life locally and now you can be too.

Our mission is to life our best life locally and support others to do the same, through shared promotions, amazing storytelling and connecting with our local markets.


When we started to think about Staycay we wanted to help solve two problems, we wanted to support local tourism and lifestyle businesses by providing a platform to target offers to the local market and we wanted to make advertising more affordable for merchants by offering real value for promotions and content marketing. We also want to support and connect with amazing content creators an offer them a shared revenue model through and content experiences that leaves customers inspired, intrigued and wanting more.

Building, maintaining and successfully transacting through websites, content marketing and advertising funnels is costly and digital is changing constantly. We support your revenue model through our digital platform and merchant portal by providing free listings and a low cost transaction sales platform.


Want to get started?

Create a free merchant account in our portal and upload offers! That’s it…..

Our friendly team will support you and can help ideate offers that the market will want to purchase. We will provide an SEO optimised sales page for your offers as well as help promote you on social media. Once your offer is loaded head over to the free facebook group and share share share your offer link!!

Help us to help our merchants by spreading the word and inviting people to join our mission.