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        List your business on the merchant portal, you authorize us to act as your agent for selling vouchers online. You are asking us to assist you in the online provision of vouchers for future services that you will offer the customers. We'll process payments for you, then remit those funds to you on a regular basis after keeping 15% commission which goes back into the products and services you use, including:
* Email support 
* SEO optimized sales page  
* Technical advice & help from our team in your local area
* Brand & marketing support


           Set up your PROFILE

         A.  To complete your registration, you must have at least four photos. When choosing your photos, think about what makes your offer different from your competitors and select ones that highlight this.Once you’ve completed your registration you can add additional photos, select a main photo, and add photos of specific locations, units, experiences. When you upload your photos we’ll warn you if the resolution is too low, if it’s the wrong size, or if the one you’re trying to add is already there. 
Top tips for the best photos 
   * The larger and higher quality your photos are the better 
   * Landscape shots show better on the website 
   * Use natural light and avoid a flash 
   * Take photos from a steady height of around 1.5 metres (5 feet) 

     B. Upload offer with content
Start by making sure you’ve listed all facilities and amenities you have to offer with the competitive pricing.

There are a few things to keep in mind when choosing offer name:
 * Use specific, unique names that won't confuse customers
 * Consider what people would be looking for on search engines – what would they type to find the experiences they are looking for? 
 * Keep it short and sweet – customers tend to type in as little as possible to find the results they’re looking for


            Track SALES

Our Vendor portal will help you with the administrative dashboard for your offers. In it, you will have access to all information displayed on your page, including: 
 * Sales
 * Payment options 
 * Policies 
 * Photos and descriptions
 * Reviews

You’ll be able to access the portal using the login name and password combination you set up during registration. To log on, just: 
* Go to the Merchant's page.
* Enter your login name and password


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And that's it, you are all set to enjoy the platform with free social media posts, featured blogs, special content from New Zealand's content creators. Follow us on Facebook & Instagram.

Our friendly team will support you and can help ideate offers that the market will want to purchase. We will provide an SEO optimized sales page for your offers as well as help promote you on social media. Once your offer is loaded head over to the staycay Facebook group and share share share your offer link!

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